Travertine tile in aou warehouses. Travertine is one of the most used natural stones for interior or exterior decoration: for facades, pavements, floors, bathroom, etc. We offer high quality travertine products. If you want to remodel your home or garden, we offer various custom models of countertops, sills, stairs / steps, plywood, mosaics, fires, sinks, frames, pavers and medallions.

We have all travertine models in stock in our warehouses in Cluj Napoca, Bucharest, Sibiu, Oradea, Bistrita and Timisoara. Travertine can be the best material for an original design, truly beautiful and elegant of any construction. We are proud to always have large quantities of tiles in stock and to ensure that our high quality materials will lift your project to the level of expectations. At us you will be sure to find the best price for travertine. Rocas Decor, your   natural stone   specialist.

Travertine is uniquely combined with cement before it is smoothed and polished to provide a more uniform surface much like its granite and marble counterparts. Its honed natural finish is ideal for both commercial and residential  use. Travertine  comes in both tile and slab forms to meet your preferences. With over 10 travertine colors to choose from, you are sure to find the right travertine color to match your home or commercial space.

We process and install marble and granite steps and window sills in a short period of 2-3 days. We offer quartz composite kitchen countertops, black and white marble steps, granite window sills for exterior and interior.  We have in stock large quantities of natural stone that you can see in our showrooms. We offer you the best price for travertine and marble in Romania. Browse our large selection  ! 

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Travertine, marble and more .

Travertine tiles at Rocas Decor

We can offer you free consultancy in choosing travertine and granite in Cluj Napoca and in all the showrooms in the country. We can make a personalized offer for you to benefit from the most efficient solution for the projects in which we will collaborate! We offer you the best price for Travertine tiles in Romania. We process and install  travertine and marble steps, window sills in a short period of 2-3 days. High quality and best price

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