Another world ! Another approach in Natural Stone! Art, luxury, style, refinement. The perfect scenery for your unique, living, personalized place
This is the world we offer you through a new, exclusive show-room, located in Cluj Napoca str. Campina no.62. Marble, granite, quartzite, onyx that breathes in vibrant colors and amazing shapes, symbols that subtly lead you to the essence, the eternal nature through an absolute triumph over the ephemerality of the created art, an elite show for the refined and pretentious. We pride ourselves on our ability to inspire our clients with the most suitable natural stone surfaces. Due to our knowledge, we are able to recommend unique surfaces and finishes for both interior and exterior furnishings, regardless of their size, to make amazing projects together. Our passion for quality, our attention to detail qualifies us as the most appropriate choice for recommending materials that are appropriate to your style. The natural stone offered is imported from the most important careers around the world, and is ideal for use in custom projects. We have a wide range of natural stone, marble, granite, travertine, onyx, with chromatic valves ranging from subtle and ethereal shades of white, cream, to vibrant shades of red, deep blue or deep green, all of which are intended to provide style and life to your interior.

Azul Bahia
Blue rocks are rare and have a spectacular appearance, Azul Bahia is mainly used for exclusive coats. This stone is used as a natural stone or as a gemstone.

Irish Green
Irish Green is a unique marble in texture and color, it is very famous for its color and translucency.

Red Malibu
Red Malibu is a rare granite used for exclusive works, red malibu granite is a granite imported from Brazil, it is a very rezistant material.

Matrix Granite
Matrix Granite is a Brazilian granite, it is characterized by the wavy pattern, from dark gray to black background, which gives a note of elegance and refinement.

Black Cosmic Main
Black Cosmic combines the beauty and movement of marble with hardness and durability of granite. It will truly be the central element of any kitchen, drawing admirable comments from all who see it. its rarity places it at the top end of our price range, but its appealing appearance means that we think it represents excellent value.

Blue Jeans
Blue rocks are very rare and have a spectacular appearance, Blue Jeans is mainly used for exclusive coats.

Copper Dune
Copper Dune comes from northeastern Brazil, an area that has offered a wide variety of exotic stones in recent years. It is regarded as a granite because of its hardness and is highly appreciated for the combination of light and brown veins, which make it particularly stunning and marble like.

Granite Carnivals this stone has earthy tones with dark veins. Granite is extremely durable and is recommended for both indoor and outdoor coats.

Elegant Brown
Elegant Brown granite is original from Brazil, is a special stone, a mixture of gray and brown. It is intended for both indoor or outdoor use.

Kosmus Lether
kosmus Lather granite offers an elegance to the surface where it has been applied and has a very pleasant finish to the eyes but also to the touch.

White Torincinno
White Torincinno is a very rare granite produced in the quarry in Sao Paulo Brazil.

Black Cosmic
Black Cosmic is a very popular granite lately due to the white, gold band with small silver crystals.

Black And Gold
Black and Gold marble is a natural black stone with white and gold veins.

Golden Beach
Golden Beach is a granite with a whitish or gray texture with a stained appearance due to the darker cliffs.

Copperfield Gold
Copperfield Gold is a Brazilian granite that combines different shades of color, black, golden brown and gray.

Brown Antique Marron Cohiba
Brown Antique Brown granite consists of dark brown crystals that are uneven in shape and often have unique metallic reflections.

Brown Chocolate
Brown Chocolate, granite with warm chocolate tones and earthy colors. Chocolate has dominated the international market in recent years due to its beauty, it is extracted from northern Brazil.

Brown Silk POL
Brown Silk is truly extraordinary due to its brown ribs and white tones, giving this material a dramatic appearance.

Copper Canyon
Copper Canyon is a combination of rust and dramatic granite gold from Brazil with a wide variety of color and dark veins

Costa Smeralda
Costa Smeralda is a granite model with light nuances, warm color range from a wide range of style and design.

Brown Antique Marron Cohiba
Brown Antique Marron Cohiba granite consists of dark brown crystals with uneven shape and often have unique metallic reflections.

Labradorite Blue Flower
Labradorite Blue Flower different surfaces of twinning in stone reflect different colors of light.

Fossil Black
The Black Foss originating in Morocco is a black marble with white natural patterns dating from the Devonian period.

Travertino Tabacco
Travertino Tabacco is a golden brown travertine originally from Mexico, this natural stone is extremely beautiful due to its similarity to tobacco.

Bronze Amani
Bronze Amani precious and elegant, Bronze Amani is a truly special marble, that includes shades of bronze, creates a welcoming and relaxing decor, transforming them into a true oasis of tranquility and relaxation.

WOW Fusion Multicolor
WOW Fusion Multicolor is a very rare Brazilian natural stone with explosion clouds whose colors are between brown, blue, green, copper and gray, intense natural variation for a unique spectacular surface.

Calcite Caraibica Extra
Calcite Caraibica is a truly special marble, blue marble with beige, is highly appreciated worldwide.

Jurassic Brown Extra
Jurassic Brown the unique element for this stone is that it has several shell elements and fossil corals in tiles, the brown color has a soft finish, texture that emphasises the material and fossil nerves.

Lapis Blue Classic
Lapis Blue the unique element of blue, black, white minerals mixed together in prehistoric fashion, African granite for blue lovers is a fulfilled dream.

Magma Black
Black magma. This is a very special granite, which comes from Brazil.

Marinace granite is a predominantly black granite, with a combination of black, gray and white pebble stones that formed at the base of the rivers. Recommended uses: kitchen countertops, countertops, stairs, columns, sinks / tubs, tiles.

Noir Saint Laurent
Noir Saint Laurent is a marble with a dark background ranging from brown to black with small white illusions, perfect for luxury projects.

Green Lapponia
Green Lapponia is the king of green granite, impresses by the interesting game of colors from the shades of green and strong white, granite rarely gives an amazing elegance every day and emanates its own unique charm.

Cipollino Ondulato Green
Cipollino Ondulato is a marble with original and lively corners, with wavy stripes colored by different shades of green and interruptions of white inserts.

Grey Stone
Gray Stone is imported from the borders of Iran this stone is composed of charcoal gray “muddy” tones and striking white ribs.

Azul Macaubas
Azul Macaubas Marble is very famous and widely used worldwide for the material of its characteristics, its morphology and color, as the name implies, an elegant light blue.

Natural Stone Rocas Decor
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