Natural stones logistic. Rocas Decor also offer  support for transportation your marble. We provide our customers with road transport solutions that meet their requirements in terms of safety and delivery time. And the tariffs are as convenient as possible for the transport route as well as for the personalized characteristics and the specific weight of each order. Thus, the dispatch to the Romanian territory is ensured within 48 hours from the moment of the commercial transaction, and within the territory of the European Union the shipment is insured within 3-15 days from the moment of the commercial transaction.

Natural stones is mostly transported by road, rail or sea. Airways is unlikely due to the tremendous danger involved. Hence, packaging and handling of the products are done considering the mode of transportation.You may say that each natural stone logistics requirements are different. And if even one step goes wrong, it brings significant expense both economically and environmentally.We offer the tools that your company needs to increase the productivity and to reduce errors in data collection processes. Our solutions will enable you to make better decisions and faster.

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Natural Stone Logistic by Rocas Decor
We can offer you free consultancy in choosing the roght mode of transportation for your natural stone and granite in Romania and in Europe. We can make a personalized offer for you to benefit from the most efficient solution for the projects in which we will collaborate! Best price for Natural Stone Transportation !

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